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Smiling Toad Productions

Wedding photography is a wonderful way to remind yourself of the details and guests that witnessed your day but video is the best way to preserve the joy and excitement as it originally occurred. Your wedding story is unique from any other; tell Smiling Toad Productions your story today!

Our Work

We believe its important to not only have the full events of your day as they occurred but also a condensed version that contains some of the important moments carefully edited to the music of your choice. See examples of both on our films page and request an in-person meeting to view more!

What People Are Saying

"When my husband and I viewed our video for the first time I think we both cried harder then we did at the actual ceremony."
"The first thing he said after watching the video was, “I’m so glad we had a videographer."
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Most of our finished DVDs contain a 10-15 minute highlight film, a 3-5 minute trailer, your full ceremony, full reception, and a chapter index so everything is in one place for you to view or share as you like. All packages can be customized to what works best for you. Request a custom package here!